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F.H.L. I. KIRIAKIDIS Manufacturing and Trading Co. Marbles & Granites S.A. is active from 1991 in trading, elaboration and quarrying of marbles and granites.

Our worldwide reputation in the marble sector has been gained mainly through our white marbles SIVEC, THASSOS WHITE, PRINOS and VOLAKAS. F.H.L. Kiriakidis Group is a non exclusive distributor of the Sivec White products. Moreover , FHL Group owns quarries for Thassos and Prinos marbles on the homonymous island of Thassos-Greece and for the Volakas semi-white marble in Drama-Greece.

The huge capacity of supplies together with our specialized work force and the high tech machinery for the artwork elaboration of marbles and granites constitutes to our capability to take over huge and challenging projects. F.H.L. Group is one of the world leading companies that can manage to supply exigently marble projects of huge size and to bring them to success! The entirely white marble covered Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, the Parliament and the Conference Hall Tashkent in Uzbekistan can surely prove this!

We do believe that the maximum result in business is gained by inspiring people about the principles which constitute the basis of productivity, that is why our whole workforce, from the management till the production line, is giving always it’s best to reach higher aims for you!




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