Administration - FHL GROUP
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General Information

The company was founded on 03/12/1991 (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic 4684) under the name “KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES-GRANITES (Industrial and Commercial S.A.)“ and denominative mark description “F.H.L. Manufacturing-Trading Co S.A. “. Initially, the company’s seat was designated in the community of Polystylos in the Prefecture of Kavala. By the decision of an extraordinary General Assembly of the shareholders on 10/03/94, the seat of the company was transferred to the Industrial Area of Drama (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic. 1090/30.03.94). The administration, the offices and the installations are lodged in privately-owned spaces in the Industrial Area of Drama, tel 0030 25220 23514. The Company is registered in the Register of the Joint Stock Companies of the Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Trade, General Direction of Internal Trade, Direction of SA and Credit, Department A with register number 25177/06/B/91/06 while her duration is stipulated in 99 years. The initial share capital of the company amounted to 108.000.000 Drs. The company was granted a license according to the decision 3ΤΠ-Π44/21-2-1996 of the Prefect of Drama. Founders of the company were Mr Ilias Kyriakidis, Mr Konstantinos Zamanopoulos, and Mr Chrysanthos Kallionidis.

The composition of the Board is as follows:

  • Kiriakidis Ilias – as President and Managing Director
  • Kallionidis Konstantinos – as MB Vicepresident
  • Petropoulos Georgios – as a non executive member of the MB
  • Kountouras Vasilios – as a non executive member of the MB
  • Ligou Ruth Georgia – as an independent non executive member of the MB
  • Pafos Athanasios – as an independent non executive member of the MB

The Management Board shapes the growth strategy and policy of the company supervising and controlling the management of its holdings.