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Our customer constitutes an active capital investment for our company we respect him and his demands.

Our customer constitutes an active capital investment for our company we respect him and his demands. We offer individual solutions, standing beside him during all difficulties in order to supply his project in the best possible way with marbles and granites of best quality.

We believe that nowadays the vital elements that are missing from our society are not the successful marketing and / or good sales techniques, but the elements of having and living the principles that our parents taught us: Honesty, reliability, stability. This world now misses the old traditional moral values like the word of honor, giving credibility and accepting responsibility. Our customer finds in F.H.L. a reliable partner on which he can count on.

We believe that the maximum result in business is gained by inspiring people about the principles which constitute the basis of productivity, that is why our whole workforce, from the management till the production line, is giving always it’s best to reach higher aims for you!

We are starting there, from where the others can’t go further…

Few companies worldwide have the experience, know-how and the capacities to take over huge projects and to fulfill them successfully on time. F.H.L. I. KIRIAKIDIS GROUP surely proved many times in the past that it is one of them, by delivering prestigious high scale projects with white marbles either artificially elaborated or in cut-to-size and tile sized shapes, like the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, the Uzbekistan Parliament building or the Conference Hall in Tashkent, to name only few of them.

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