Splendid Becici Hotel, Montenegro | Coloured Marbles | FHL GROUP
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Splendid Becici Hotel, Montenegro

About This Project

Splendid Becici Hotel, Montenegro

A contract for works was signed in the beginning of 2006 with the TRADEUNIQUE d.o.o. BUDVA construction company, with seat in Belgrad, Serbia, for supplying them with marbles and granites for the five star Splendid Becici hotel in Montenegro. The contract regards the obligation for the former daughter company FHL MERMEREN KOMBINAT to supply white marbles and coloured granites. The project’s total value amounts to 1.757.000,00 Euros with the prospective to arise to 2.000.000 € and it had to be delivered by June 2006.  

Supply of Marbles and Granites for wall cladding and flooring of the 5* Hotel

Total Quantity: 20.000m2

Total Value: 1.800.000 €

Material that was used: different types of colored marble