Green Thinking & Innovations

The environmental awareness is not just an expression, but a state of mind!

Mining and environmental awareness are not controversial to us. Having as a main goal to leave a healthy flora and fauna for the generations to come, the F.H.L. I. KIRIAKIDIS GROUP is taking over its responsibilities, in order to restore the mountainsides on which we are quarrying by filling them up with soil and reforestation e.g. and also to find new ways to save energy by investing into innovative methods and machinery equipment.

Surely the environmental friendliest step was to introduce tunnel excavation into the group owned quarries in 2013. These tunnels are created in a static way into the mountain from outside to the inside in a U-form, this way no extra support is needed within the tunnel. With this new to the greek quarries method, two aims are reached: 1) The optical pollution of the environment is avoided, the flora and fauna is protected, by minimizing the opening of the mountain, minimizing simultaneously the usage of water, as well as the usage of explosives, lubricants and heavy machinery equipment and without creating any wastage. 2) The capacities are ejected to new levels ensuring simultaneously a much longer excavation period and keeping also the all-around-the-year workflow up. The block outcome is protected from rainfalls, maintaining simultaneously its spotless characteristics. Furthermore it ensures a high speed and quality selectively excavation, lifting this way the average quality of the whole quarry.


Volakas quarry

Another project of the group is to build a steady and huge crane at the quarry of Volakas that is able to transfer the block outcome directly from the mountain to the machineries in order to be cut and shaped, so that it can be weighted and loaded into containers. This will help us to save time and avoid the usage of trucks and its fuel consumption of course.


The in 2012 newly introduced Logistics Company AETOS counts actually a fleet of 19 heavy trucks, in order to be able to absorb around 65% of the yearly container shipment of the F.H.L.I.KIRIAKIDIS GROUP, as well as the needs of transporting blocks from the different quarries to the factory in order to be processed.

The fleet is monitored by a modern GPS system, which is not only able to show the real time position of the trucks, in order to keep the just-in-time workflow smoothly operating, but also to keep important data and to inform immediately if something is wrong with the engine functions. Ensuring a narrow monitoring of the fleets movements, we are in the position to avoid also costly and energy wasting deviations from the route.

All 19 trucks of different types have EURO V engines, which from itself is a huge step in order to reduce the CO2 emission. Proofing again that the F.H.L. is always one step ahead of the others, one of the AETOS trucks is the first in entire Greece, that has been transformed into a dual fuel engine, having besides diesel also CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as an alternative fuel. It is planned that the whole fleet will be transformed and a Natural Gas station will be established within the facilities, in order to supply the everyday needs not only of the trucks, but also the energy needs of the buildings, air-conditioning etc.

Once successfully introduced, it is planned to transform also other heavy machinery, like the Clarks at the quarries and at the factories with the same system, which will be again, considering the huge sized quarry Clark, an European Innovation. Only one Clark of same size has been transformed to CNG dual fuel as a pilot and study object at the container port of Livorno – Italy so far.

Monitoring & Controlling

In order to have the best possible analysis and control over the costs our Group invested in 2014 into the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Scheduled to replace the actual ERP system in the beginning of 2016, it promises a leverage role-based access to critical data, applications, analytical tools and streamlining of processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR. Furthermore we have this way the possibility to monitor and control the costs of every production process from the beginning till the end. With the method of economic analysis name “6sigma” we can manage to reduce the costs during excavation, transportation, quality control of the outcome as well as at the sales, while getting an immediate feedback, in order to improve the whole system and workflow.


The foundation of the MARMODOM Dry Mortar Plant has been inspired by the smart idea to take advantage of the marble “wastage” that comes up during the quarrying at the Volakas quarry. Smaller blocks that cannot be commercialized, are crushed into marble powder on side, in order to get the raw material for our mortars and adhesives. This way the quarry is kept “clean” and an economic raw material is created for the over 40 products included at the Marmodom portfolio. The factory is over 10 years active in the creation of construction mortars, adhesives, joint grouts, resins, primers and waterproofing materials. Having invested in certifications to ensure the high quality outcome, Marmodom launched in 2010 a new ETIC-System named BIOPANOPLY proofing once more our “green character” (see more on our website: