Sivec White Marble

Sivec® is the commercial name and trade mark for a fine-grained white dolomitic marble, which is quarried in the area of Prilep in F.YR.O.M. Its fine grain makes it ideal for sculpture and architectural applications.
This astonishing white marble is a famous material that is known from the ancient years and it is estimated that 1.200.000 m3 have been excavated till the 5th century AD. Historian Aurilius Remnateus states in 149 B.C., in his “trietise Itinerarium Burdigalense” the enormous mining activity in the region, after it became a roman province.
The marble-bearing deposits in the area are widely known and are among the largest in the world (more than 12 hours are needed just to walk around the quarry complex). The whiteness of the marble, its homogenous form, and the micro-granular structure generate a high demand for Sivec® marble on the international market. Nowadays, Sivec® has been selected to give the characteristic, exclusive white appearance in many large well-known projects including hotels, palaces, commercial buildings, like The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, the National Parliament of Uzbekistan to name only a few of them.

Technical Data
Apparent Specific Weight
2770 Kg/m3
Absorption Coefficiet
0.23 wt%
Compression Strength
990 Kg/cm2
Modulus of Rupture
132 Kg/cm2
Abrasion Resistance (after 1000 m)
6.58 mm
Microhardness Knoop
321.6 Kg/mm2
Calcite (%)
Dolomite (%)
Quartz (%)

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FHL Projects related to SIVEC White Marble:

Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi Sheraton Hotel
The Parliament Of Uzbekistan St. Regis Hotel
Sky Eleven Apartments Chandris Hotel
Ashgabat “The White City” Kapsis Astoria Hotel
Cathedral of Christ Saviour