Prinos Marble

Prinos marble is quarried in the island of Thassos in Northern Greece, from the same deposit as the worldwide known Thassos Snow-White marble. Thassian marble is known for many centuries all over the world for its pure sparkling whiteness and extraordinary elegance, providing pure luxury to many prestigious projects. Being a crystallic dolomite marble, it provides a higher reflection of sunlight compared to any other white marble in the world, while holding its cool temperature for a prolonged period of time, making it perfect suitable for claddings in warmer regions.

Namely, the F.H.L. I. KIRIAKIDIS GROUP holds 3 quarries in the island of Thassos, Greece from one of them, is where the F.H.L. PRINOS-THASSOS is excavated. All 3 are located in the North-East side of the island in the Vlachoudi district.

Prinos Marble which is extracted from the same deposit as the Thassos Snow-white, varies only in its cutting method, while conserving all the physical characteristics of the marble itself untouched. The PRINOS marble gives tenderly, grey crystal veins on its sparkling white background. The thassian marble is in general very hard and gives a perfect “mirror-like” polishing result. Combined with the huge excavation – capacity of at least 18.000m3 yearly, it constitutes it perfect for any high scale project. Starting by 2015 also here tunnel excavation, promises an exponential production outcome.

Technical Data