Volakas Marble

The F.H.L. VOLAKAS marble which is quarried in the Mountainside of Falakro in Drama, Greece, is named after the nearby village. Having an all-white background with beautiful grey or brown veins, is also why the Volakas Marble is known as the “Carrara of Greece”. With the 4 quarries that are connected as one huge, the F.H.L. I. KIRIAKIDIS GROUP has managed to control 85% of the total Volakas marble production worldwide. The marble blocks are quarried open-pit as well as underground, through tunnel excavation, which is giving unique capacities of supply. Nearly 6.000 containers with marble blocks, equal to ~ 40.000 m3, are quarried, processed, stuffed on spot and transported by the Group owned logistic company, straight from the quarry, which is connected with asphalt streets to the national road network, to Thessaloniki port, in order to be shipped out all over the world.

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